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Our Approach

We utilize Competency Assurance process in establishing Workplace Competence Assurance in Technical and non-technical job positions and our competency-Based training programs are driven by established competencies for job positions.

It is a structured process that is designed to ensure that persons in key job roles in your organization have the right knowledge and skills to excel in their work and achieve your overall organizational objectives.

We never lose sight of the fact that knowledge, skills and desire are key components of employee performance and we ensure that they are integral to our competency development and related training programs.

  • Knowledge is provided through our classroom training and workshops
  • Skill is achieved by ensuring that the training programs and workshop objectives are derived from related competencies for job position to enhance post-training practices on related skills at job location. We also ensure that appropriate criterion items are available during formal classroom training/workshops.
  • Desire to practice a skill cannot be addressed in the classroom training. Persons may have the knowledge and skills required but may not have the desire to perform the job. This depends on many factors, some of what are:
    • Consequences and rewards
    • Job environment
    • Long-term stay in job location/job function
    • Performance feedback process

We conduct analysis on the desire discrepancy within an organization and provide possible solutions for correcting it.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2G0P6
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Branch Office,
42, Osong Ama Road,
Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Phone: (234) 08038350431

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