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Workplace Competency Development Training – FCAR0902


This course is designed to help identify all the important elements of a job to facilitate correct and safe job performance,using the task analysis process. The task analysis process is used to develop competencies for technical and non-technical job positions. Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills required to develop competencies for different job positions in their organization.

This course is interactive and includes 30% classroom teaching and 70% practical with several break-out sessions.

Who should attend?

  • Operation and maintenance technicians /subject matter experts who are responsible for developing “Required Competencies” for the purpose of on-the-job training
  • Technical training instructors involved in developing training curriculum and materials for the delivery of training programs
  • Supervisors in technical and non-technical positions who will facilitate the development of competencies and are responsible for implementing the Competence Assurance process in their organization

What will be taught?

This training involves a series of group work and covers the following:

  • Competence development overview
  • Task analysis process
  • Deriving tasks from competencies
  • Task listing
  • Performance standards
  • Deriving performance standards (criteria) from competency tasks
  • Task steps/actions development
  • Developing the complete competence task card
  • Task flowcharting

Competence Assessment segment:

Competence assessment is done as part of the individual and group practices in the class.

Course Duration:

Three (3) days


$1,500 (USD) per participant.

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