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Workplace Competence Assessor Training – FCAR0901


This course is designed with the overall objective of providing the knowledge and skills required for you to carry out competence assessment and follow- up documentations at the workplace, to qualify employee competent to perform job task satisfactorily to achieve the organization’s business objectives.

Who should attend?

Supervisors and subject matter experts (SMEs) who are responsible for implementing workplace competence and conducting assessments to qualify employee competent on assigned competencies.

What will be taught?

The training course consists of the following modules and elements:


  • Element 1.1 Introduction to competency assessment
  • Element 1.2 Evidence sources


  • Element 2.1 Assessment Planning
  • Element 2.2 Collecting and Evaluating Evidence and making the assessment decision


  • Element 3.1 Recording Assessment Decisions
  • Element 3.2 Providing Feedback to candidate

The training is structured as follows:

  1. Regular Training on dates and venues indicated on our schedule – 2 days intensive training on the 3 modules with several individual and group break-out exercises. Delegates attend the class and adapt the assessment principles to fit their organization’s Competence Assessment requirements.
  2. Customized Training – This is specifically for group registration by organizations. The training modules are designed to meet the requirements of your organization’s Competence Assurance Standards and the training conducted on-site or at a mutually agreed training venue. This is a 3-day fit-for-purpose training specifically for requesting organizations.
  3. Online Self paced Training – This is designed for requesting organisations and delivered via pre-recorded training videos. The on-demand self paced training is delivered through Fistolas Limited online learning environment and it includes quizzes learning activities, and portfolio submissions. Learn more about the online option in the video below. 

Competence Assessment Segment:

  • Participants will be required to conduct assessments on candidates, complete assessment portfolio and submit at the end of the workshop.

Course Duration:

Regular: Two (2) days.

Customized: Three (3) days 

Online: Self paced and on demand online study (Group registration required). Duration: 5 Days (Platform access will expire after 6 months)


Regular Training: $1,800 (USD) per participant – Pricing includes consultants travel, meals for delegates, and training materials.

Customized Training (On-site): $1,440 (USD) per participant – Requesting organization responsible for consultants’ travel/ room & board as invoiced, and meals for delegates.

Online Training: $800 (USD) per participant. 

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