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Workplace Competency Assurance System

Solid workforce performance is the key to productivity and growth in any organization. But a competent workforce can only be assured if there are effective tools and processes in place to verify the competence of persons occupying critical job positions.

Benefits of the Fistolas Competency Assurance System

  • Ensures consistent and standardized performance across your organization
  • Supplies accurate mapping for workforce competence level
  • Identifies high-priority workplace learning needs
  • Equips job-ready candidates with the right skills for relief positions
  • Defines a clear process for HR to evaluate the suitability of talent
  • Provides an opportunity for cross-training
  • Sets the foundation for improved international performance to assist with business growth
  • Provides a better structure to promote workplace growth and achievement, increases job desire for long-term employment of your workforce
  • Enables comparison with industry and global best practices

Our end-to-end services in the Workplace Competency Assurance System include:

Establishment of Competency Assurance Process

We work with your subject matter experts (SMEs) to establish a competency assurance process for your organization that includes: developing a standardized manual, developing competencies for position/person in your organization, developing competency-based training programs that are aligned with competencies for position /person, alignment of employee competencies to your HR processes; and facilitation of training workshops for supervisors, trainers and SMEs to ensure the implementation of competency assurance processes throughout your organization.

Workplace Competence Assessor Training

We design Workplace Competence Assessor Training specifically to meet your organization’s “Competency Assurance Standard” requirements for Competence Assessors. We train your Subject Matter Experts (SME) to carry out competence assessments and qualify candidates as competent to perform tasks satisfactorily and safely to achieve your business objectives.

See course outline

Workplace Competency Development Training

We provide competency development training for your SMEs to teach the knowledge and skills required to identify competency components, develop a competency catalogue, and develop competency profiles for position/person following a task analysis process.

See course outline

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