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Leadership Situations – FLS2006


There is a significant difference between a “boss” and a “leader”. A boss give orders and expects results simply because of those orders. A leader takes time to assess the situation and to respond in ways that show respect for employees, and an understanding of people and situations. The leader looks at both the people and the situation, and provides coaching and feedback based on those two dynamics.

Who should attend?

Supervisors and managers in technical or non-technical positions who have the responsibility of providing
guidance and direction to employees in achieving overall organizational objectives.

Course Objective

When given responsibility for an individual or a work group, participants should be able to correctly apply the principles of situational leadership to:

  1. Determine the leadership response to workplace situations.
  2. Apply the principles of situational leadership as follows:
    • Assess the current stage of willingness of the individual or work group
    • Assess the current skill stage of the individual or work unit
    • Explain the four leadership styles
    • Draft a development plan for the individual or work group based on your assessment

Course Content

The course will cover the following:

  • Assess the current levels of willingness and skill of individuals and a work unit
  • Explain the four leadership styles
  • Evaluate own leadership tendencies in comparison with the situational leadership model
  • Draft development plans for individuals and work units based on their assessment

Competence Assessment segment:

Competence assessment is done as part of the individual and group practices in the class.

Course Duration:

Two (2) days.

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