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Compentency Based Training

Competency-based training for your supervisors and managers teaches “fit-for-purpose” skills that translates into clear, measurable benefits for both employer and employees:

  • Brings the quality of your products and services to a higher level than your competitors
  • Saves money that would be lost to substandard performance or internal miscommunication
  • Saves money that would be lost in “off-shelve” training programs that cannot be verified against employee specific competencies
  • Ensures the success of your company’s professional development initiatives
  • Ensures consistent, standardized performance throughout your company
  • Training objectives are driven by identified competencies for job positions
  • Sets clear expectations for employees, builds employee confidence and enables them to work more effectively
  • Increases the potential for job satisfaction and desire for long-term employment within your company

Fistolas Competency-Based Training Programs

Our training programs are driven by competencies for critical job position(s) in which training is required. They develop employees not to fit into a job description template, but rather to fulfill a critical role that is specific to your organization.

All our programs – whether they are technical or non-technical – are competency-based, designed to fit your precise needs, and are verifiable. In other words, our competency-based training not only trains your people to work for your company, but also provides a mechanism to verify the learning and retention of the skills in the actual work environment.

The classroom portion of the training includes several group practices based on scenarios and also a final test at the end of the program to evaluate the training effectiveness. Our programs enable post-training competence verification onsite.

Supervisory and Leadership Courses include the following:

  • Analyze Performance
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Informal Conflict Resolution
  • Basic Planning and Problem Solving
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Leadership Situation
  • Effective Meetings and Group Brainstorming
  • Techniques of Effective Communication
  • Team Building Workshop
  • The New Supervisor

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