Workplace Competency Assurance System

Competency Assurance drives performance.

Future-forward organizations know the value of having employees with the right skills required to succeed in their work. A competent workforce plays an integral role in supporting your company’s goals and vision for growth.

Our proven approach and end-to-end services in the Workplace Competency Assurance System are custom-designed for your organization and built to achieve specific outcomes.

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Compentency-Based Training

Development of “fit-for-purpose” competency-based training programs

Fistolas Limited will develop training programs for identified competencies in each job profile to ensure that training objectives are driven by related competency and to ensure post-training competence assessment and verification.

We conduct the training to individuals in critical positions in your company, and provide post-training follow-through to verify success. Competency-based training enhances optimum performance at the workplace

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School Improvement Systems

Designed for the Nigerian School System, our School Improvement System establishes an improvement planning process for your school to enhance students’ effective learning that leads to higher order thinking skills

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